Alternative fuels in marine applications: the state of the art and a vision of the future ROOM 3

6 June 2023


Italian Association of Naval and Nautical Techniques. Significant interlocutors will talk about alternative fuels in the Nautical world

Chairman Dr. Arianna Bionda, Professor and Researcher at the Politecnico of Milan


Mr Philippe Davignon, Sales Director - GENEVOS

High-durability fuel cell technology for marine propulsion

Mr. Mauro Risi, DG Energy Evolution ENI

A global approach to maritime decarbonisation

Mr. Gianluca Valenti, Associated Professor at the Politecnico of Milan

State of the art and prospects for the use and application of liquid hydrogen as an alternative energy source in different fields of application. Ongoing research in the field of hydrogen transfer through distribution networks

Mr. Paolo Bonetti, Managing Director CHIMITRADE

Methanol as a marine fuel: an overview of the regulatory and economic framework

Ms. Tullia Zucca, Freelance Consultant

Production of green hydrogen from Ammonia splitting in a reactor equipped with plasma torch and special membranes.

Mr. Giovanni Bruni, COO Isotta Fraschini Motori Spa

Isotta Fraschini Motori: The pathway to Carbon 0

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