For the eighth edition we decided to give startups more opportunities to meet, discuss and find ways to cooperate by activating, for example, interregional and international cross-fertilization processes. For this reason, we will set up the “SEAFUTURE STARTUP AREA”: a large exhibition space where these companies will have visibility, also through the event website and social networks, and a specific pitching session in which they will present their activities to companies of the targeted audience. We are, in fact, convinced that offering supporting tools for emerging sectors and startups can strengthen the growth potential of the entire industrial sector of the Country and help create new and lasting jobs.

The startup sectors of interest, which will participate in SEAFUTURE, are: Defence and Safety Technologies, Marine and Maritime Technologies, Underwater, Environmental Sustainability, Data Analysis and Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Communication and Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence.

From Italy, France, Turkey, Norway, Israel: here are the 11 Startups that will participate in the next edition of Seafuture.

Boatsandgo is the first search engine that helps to compare boat rentals/ charters and sharings worldwide. Boatsandgo is also a SaaS suitable for micro and small blue tourism companies that want to digitalise their business.


Boatmate is a platform that provides technological infrastructures to digitalize marine businesses and allow boaters to work with them on a location basis.
Preinvel is an Innovative Start-up whose Mission is to finally solve the problem of industrial pollution by providing the Market with the Fluidodynamic Filter: the first Industrial Filter able to capture the dusts and pollutants responsible for damaging our health, while lowering operational costs and energy consumptions for companies.


Oceandrone is an uncrewed, autonomous eco-robotic wind, solar and fuel cell powered sailing craft, designed to operate in extreme weather conditions with an autonomy of several months.
Safe, low pressure and ambient temperature hydrogen storage. A concrete solution to energy transition. MetHydor supply tailored metal hydride hydrogen storage systems for stationary, marine and transport sectors.
DAILY practice is a platform in could. dailyplatform has definitively engineered the fulfillment of the law and the process in a multidirectional logic and immediately connected with machines, equipment and workstations. Immediate and shared information that generate advantages in terms of quality of work and safety. The constant monitoring of the environment and of the products used, their efficiency, the reduction of waste also place the accent on an important and significant control on environmental matters.


MYWAI is an innovative Italian startup specialized in AI, IoT and Edge Computing to facilitate Digital Transformation and make the supply chain industries smarter.


Based in Sophia Antipolis, France, XPERT specializes in developing innovative communication technology solutions, with a focus on underwater communication systems. Our technologies are designed to meet the needs of various industries, including marine defense, offshore oil and gas, and environmental monitoring.
Mathclick develops advanced hardware and software solutions for the aquatic environment, based on Artificial Intelligence,
Abyssar Optics is a technology startup dedicated to sharp imaging deep underwater. How deep? Deeper that could be tested! With unique engineering and physical expertise, Abyssar design and manufactures camera objectives for exclusive underwater use.
SCIA works with shipyards and service partners in the nautical and naval industry to provide a comprehensive package of coordinated services that follow 4 key aspects of a vessel’s life-cycle. Owner’s manuals are compiled during the design-to-construction phase, Training takes place during the hand-over of the ship, ILS defines the vessel’s maintenance plan following the warranty period and a custom CMMS App allows owner’s to supervise maintenance activities and optimize their vessel’s performance.


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