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5 June 2023(7 events)

10:30: Opening Ceremony La Spezia Naval Base

5 June 2023

Pierluigi Peracchini - Mayor of La Spezia

Cristiana Pagni - President of IBG

Vice Admiral Enrico Credendino - Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy

Giovanni Toti - President of Liguria Region

Hon. Guido Crosetto - Ministry of Defence


13:00: Lunch Break

5 June 2023

14:30: B2B / Pitch session

5 June 2023


5 June 2023

Chairman Prof. A. Margelletti, President of Centro Studi Internazionali

Keynote speaker Prof. G. Cella, author of "Storia e geopolitica della crisi ucraina. Dalla Rus' di Kiev a oggi"


Ing. Cossiga, President - AIAD

Prof. N. Pinardi, “Oceanography” Professor - University of Bologna

Dr. I. Tani, University of Milano Bicocca

Dr. Marchiori, Head of SONSUB

Dr. Debenedetti, Vice President Research & Innovation - FINCANTIERI

RADM Lacerenza, Commander - MARICOSOM; Head - ITN Gen. Staff Submarine Dept.

16:15 Q&A

14:30: OCCAR, the independent international organisation for complex cooperative armaments programme management ROOM 2

5 June 2023


Brief introduction to OCCAR as programmes management organization, with a special focus on FREMM, PPA, LSS, U212 NFS Programmes.

Chairman Mr. Joachim Sucker, Director of OCCAR


14.30 – 14.35 Brief introduction by the director, Mr. Joachim Sucker

14.35 – 14.50 OCCAR Central Office presentation (by Mr. Fernand Van Wilder)

14.50 – 15.00 Question time

15.00 – 15.20 Naval Programmes presentation (by Mr. Lorenzo Poliseno)

15.20 – 15.30 Question time

15.30 – 15.50 NFS Programme presentation (by Mr. Vasco Pizzinato)

15.50 – 16.00 Question time

16:30: La Spezia and Toulon cities linked to (and from) the sea ROOM 2

5 June 2023

Dante Alighieri La Spezia and Dante Alighieri Toulon companies

Chairman Maurizio Caporuscio - Magistrate, Vice President of the Dante Alighieri Company

The meeting will start from the few, but evident, aspects of the proximity of the two countries from the cultural point of view, so to examine more closely the theme of the sea in the French literature of the nineteenth century.


Dr. Carlo Raggi - President - Dante Alighieri La Spezia Company

Italy and France. Brief notes on a consolidated cultural bond

Prof. Margherita Vannini Barradon - Vice President - Dante Alighieri Toulon Company

The sea into the French literature dring Michel Pacha’s time

Prof. Chiara Serreli -  Councillor - Dante Alighieri La Spezia Company

Lecture of Giovanni Pascoli’s poem “A Victor Hugo”

19:00: Welcome Cocktail

5 June 2023

Sponsored by Leonardo

6 June 2023(13 events)

9:30: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Maritime & Defense Industry ROOM 3

6 June 2023


The next era in the maritime and defense industry will present business and technology challenges that will be radically different from anything seen before. The exponential rate of innovation required to meet these challenges can only be achieved through digital transformation. As the boundaries between industries blur and the cost of failure becomes business-critical, the pace of digital transformation must accelerate. One way to speed this transformation while ensuring an optimized product life cycle is through engineering simulation.

Chairman and Speaker Filippo Gemma, Global Product Sales Manager

9:30: B2B / Pitch session

6 June 2023

9:30: The commitment of Italian companies to win the challenges of the new naval and underwater frontiers ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

6 June 2023


Chairman Carlo Festucci, AIAD Secretary-General

9.30 – 10.10 Introductory speeches

Eng. Giuseppe Cossiga, President of AIAD

Amm.Sq. Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy(TBC)

C.A. Pietro Alighieri, Senior Advisor of Secretary General of Defence/DNA

10.10 – 10.25 Innovation lines of the Military Ships Department

By the Research and Innovation Manager, Fincantieri SpA

10.25 – 10.40 Hypersonic

Eng. Tonino Genito, Head of Missile Design Italy - MBDA Italia SpA

10.40 – 10.55 ELT and the EW in the naval domain

Dr. Paolo Izzo, Chief Sales Officer - Elettronica SpA

10.55 – 11.10 The new scenarios of SeaBed warfare and protection of strategic infrastructure

Eng. Marco De Fazio, Managing Director of the Defence Systems Business Unit of the Electronics Division - Leonardo SpA

11.10 – 11.25 Quantum technologies for the resilience of communications in the submarine domain

Eng. PhD Tommaso Occhipinti, Telsy SpA

11.25 – 11.40 Underwater technology and new defence solutions

Eng. Sergio Cappelletti, President and Adm. Delegate DRASS Galeazzi Srl

11.40 – 11.50 Q&A

12.00 Conclusion

10:00: NATO plan of action on Innovation - DIANA and NATO Innovation Fund initiatives and opportunities for the naval and underwater sectors ROOM 2

6 June 2023

SGD/DNA – Segretariato Generale della Difesa/Direzione Nazionale Armamenti

Secretariat General of Defence and National Armaments Directorate / 5th Department - Technological Innovation

Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous systems and quantum technologies are changing the world, and the way NATO operates. These and other emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs) present both risks and opportunities for NATO and Allies. That’s why the Alliance is working with public and private sector partners, academia and civil society to develop and adopt new technologies, establish international principles of responsible use and maintain NATO’s technological edge. In this context, NATO has launched two initiatives (DIANA and NIF) to foster innovation and EDTs. The aim of this workshop is informing and promoting DIANA and the NIF within the International Delegations and the community of entrepreneurs, SME’s, start-ups, universities, research institutes, technology cluster associations and institutions dealing with the naval and underwater sectors.

Chairman Capt. (N) Francesco A. Marchetti, Head of Research Programs – Strategy and planning


Ms. Francesca Tortorella, Senior Policy Advisor – NATO, Diana Transition Team

General briefing on DIANA (Concept, Functioning Model, Strategic Direction, Opportunities and Timelines)

Mr. Philip Lockwood, Head, Innovation Unit – NATO, NIF Transition Team

General briefing on the NIF (Concept, Governance & Structure, Objectives & Principles, Relationship to DIANA, Opportunities and Timelines)

Dr. Giovanni Sembenini, Deputy Director – NATO, CMRE

CMRE: Activities on S&T, Innovation, Maritime, Emerging Disruptive Technologies, Underwater and role within DIANA initiative

Dr. Stefano Molino, Senior Partner - CDP Venture Capital

Why an accelerator can be a game changer on innovation

Special Guest Mr. Maynard A. Holliday  Deputy Chief Technology Officer For Critical Technologies – United States Department of Defense

11:30: Seabed Operations - Threats and Challanges - SAAB ROOM 3

6 June 2023


Chairman and Speaker Mr. Chris Lade, Defence Sales Manager – Saab

The presentation will consider recent events that have heightened the relevance of operations on the seabed. It will look at the potential threat to critical national infrastructure and what might be done to protect that infrastructure from a doctrinal perspective and then from a technical perspective. The presentation will consider the parallel capabilities required to operate in the commercial underwater space with those capabilities to conduct military operations on the seabed

13:00: Lunch Break

6 June 2023

14:30: Alternative fuels in marine applications: the state of the art and a vision of the future ROOM 3

6 June 2023


Italian Association of Naval and Nautical Techniques. Significant interlocutors will talk about alternative fuels in the Nautical world

Chairman Dr. Arianna Bionda, Professor and Researcher at the Politecnico of Milan


Mr Philippe Davignon, Sales Director - GENEVOS

High-durability fuel cell technology for marine propulsion

Mr. Mauro Risi, DG Energy Evolution ENI

A global approach to maritime decarbonisation

Mr. Gianluca Valenti, Associated Professor at the Politecnico of Milan

State of the art and prospects for the use and application of liquid hydrogen as an alternative energy source in different fields of application. Ongoing research in the field of hydrogen transfer through distribution networks

Mr. Paolo Bonetti, Managing Director CHIMITRADE

Methanol as a marine fuel: an overview of the regulatory and economic framework

Ms. Tullia Zucca, Freelance Consultant

Production of green hydrogen from Ammonia splitting in a reactor equipped with plasma torch and special membranes.

Mr. Giovanni Bruni, COO Isotta Fraschini Motori Spa

Isotta Fraschini Motori: The pathway to Carbon 0

14:30: B2B / Pitch session

6 June 2023

14:30: Emerging and Disruptive Technologies in the Maritime Domain ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

6 June 2023

Secretariat General of Defense and National Armaments Directorate

The workshop will try to provide audience with a close look at technological trends and EDTs in the maritime domain by leveraging on a wider prospective based on different major stakeholders operating in the academia, institution, military and industry. Complexity, challenges and opportunities that shall be understood and properly governed by the civilian and military sectors in order to maintain the strategic technological edge. The workshop will also inform on EU institutional support to innovation and EU efforts to intercept and deliver new effective EDT based capabilities at the required speed of relevance.

Chairman RDML Pietro Alighieri,  Senior Advisor to the Italian Secretary General of Defense and National Armaments Director


Ms. Paola Gualeni, Professor – University of Genoa

Emerging Disruptive Technologies and technological trends in the Maritime domain - Academia prospective

RADM. Marco Tomassetti, Head 7th Dept, Italian Navy General Staff

Future capabilities deriving from the introduction of EDTs in the Maritime domain – Military priorities and prospective

Ms. Chiara Petrioli, CEO – Wsense

Challenges, criticalities and opportunities of EDT – Industry prospective

Mr. Dirk Peters, Senior Expert EC – DG Defis

EU support initiatives for innovation and EDT – Institutional prospective

Ms. Federica Valente, RTI Coordinator/HEDI manager – EDA

Tools to intercept trends and EDTs and mechanisms to deliver EDT developed capabilities at a speed of relevance – EDA prospective

14:30: New Generation Mine Warfare Vessels ROOM 2

6 June 2023

Italian Navy Maricodrag (TBC) / Intermarine

In a moment of increasing tensions and new threats in the underwater domain, Italian Navy  and Intermarine undertook the challenge to design and project innovative warships to  answer the operational requirements to secure the Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs)  and protect the Strategic Underwater Infostructures.The pioneer project takes the name of New Generation Mine Warfare Vessels.

16:00: Centro Operativo Sicurezza Cibernetica - Polizia Postale Genova

6 June 2023


Critical Infrastructure: Security & Privacy Challenges: The slides illustrate the composition of the Italian Cybersecurity, and the role of new Regional Cyber ​​Security Operations Centers within the new Central Scientific and Cybersecurity Department. The work of the Cyber ​​Policeman, the training challenges and future prospects of the SINC3 platform, its functions and its main architecture’s features.

Anatomy of a cyber attack: We will analyze a malware attack through a phishing email and talk about Protection and training tools, the keys to success in cybersecurity.

Financial crimes: In addition to cyber attacks that impact the security of data, there are attacks aimed at defrauding companies with very sophisticated mechanisms that can reduce their financial solidity. “Business Email Compromised” attacks are the most dangerous because they take advantage of social engineering techniques. The main protection tool is the awareness.

Digital Forensic and Artificial Intelligence: What is Digital Forensic and what it means to recover digital data of any kind in order to detect digital computer evidence useful for investigative activity.

16:00: Climate change and human impact on the underwater dimension: how to communicate the climate emergency Vespucci Tall Ship

6 June 2023

Chairman Federico Pedrocchi, Radio 24

Introduction Silvia Baglioni, Journalist


Fabio Trincardi, Director of the Department of Earth System Sciences and Technologies for the Environment - CNR

The Mediterranean is one of the “hot spots” of climate change. At SEAFUTURE, in conjunction with the World Oceans Day, we will address one of the most topical issues: how to correctly communicate the enormous amount of data that research has available today.

17:00: The journey to redefine the future of fit ROOM 3

6 June 2023


The presentation will cover the history of the company BOA Technology (who we are, where we come from) followed by a detailed explanation of our technology BOA Fit System and its benefits for the end users.


Luca Danova, Market Development Specialist & Account Manager EMEA – BOA Technology

Story of the Company, business model, commercial topics

Daria Biryukova, Factory Support Manager – BOA Technology

Technical topics on BOA platforms

7 June 2023(20 events)

9:00: Different paths to decarbonise the shipping industry ROOM 2

7 June 2023


Time flies, they say, and the goal of a 90% reduction in transport emissions by 2050 seems hard to meet at this point. Hydrogen and ammonia are the most discussed “new” fuels for ships when the discussion comes to shipping decarbonization, but they’re not the only free-emissions possible propulsions: within the session, we will also discuss opportunities and challenges - tech and business-wise - of wind propulsion.

Moderator Giovanni Satta, Associate Professor Department of Economics and Business Studies University of Genoa


Katalin Dobranszky, Senior Director Innovation, Finance & Fiscal Affairs – ECSA

Darko Levicar, Director Transport Policy Hydrogen Europe

Cristina Maggi, Director H2IT

Mario Mattioli, President, Confitarma

Ignazio Messina, Ports and Infrastructure Committee Delegate Assarmatori

Orestis Schinas, Delegate International Windship Association


Sergio Torriani, Founder and CEO Simplifhy

Filippo Lossani, Director della BU Marine ECOSPRAY

9:00: National conference of regional maritime clusters ROOM 3

7 June 2023

By the Ligurian District of Marine Technologies - DLTMT

The strategic importance of regional clusters for their associated enterprises: collaborations at regional, national, and international level, participation at grants and tenders, provision of services. Excellences of Liguria and high-Tuscany territory: realities that span different and complementary fields, able to work together towards the improvement of the enterprises of the territory, innovation, and internationalization. The opportunities secured by the systematization of regional clusters within the national Blue Economy Cluster.


DLTM Lorenzo Forcieri, President

Favoring the matching between enterprise and research in regional, national and European projects

NAVIGO Pietro Angelini, Director

Yachting & defense, cross-cutting innovations to compete

TICASS - Managing entity of Polo EASS Giorgio Saio, CEO

Energetic transition and Blue Economy: the experiences of Pole EASS

BIG Giovanni Caprino, President

The opportunities secured to regional districts by Cluster Big

9:30: B2B / Pitch session

7 June 2023

9:30: Explore the unexplored: New technologies for the ocean mapping Vespucci Tall Ship

7 June 2023

Hydrographic Institute of the Navy

The Earth is an ocean planet—more than 70 percent of the surface is covered by seawater. But despite being such an essential part of life, the deepest parts of the world’s oceans are still largely unexplored. According to the GEBCO, merely 25 percent of the seafloor has been mapped with accuracy and less than 18 percent in the Arctic. But the state of sea exploration is changing fast. The dark, high-pressure conditions of the ocean depths that once made research there impossible are now being explored with cutting-edge technology. That new tech and the discoveries to come from it are the focus of modern Ocean Mapping.

Chairman Rear Admiral Massimiliano Nannini, Director, Istituto Idrografico della Marina


GianMaria Iacobone – SAIPEM – E&C OFFSHORE

Sergio Cappelletti – DRASS Group – Managing Director

Massimiliano Arcieri – Planetek Italia – Business Development Manager Government & Security SBU

Carlo Coretti – e-GEOS – Head of Programs

9:30: When CYBER is merged into the sea ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

7 June 2023

After last year’s NATO Summit in June, marked by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in the document known as the Strategic Concept - an act that ratifies NATO’s new posture with respect to future threats - we understand how the alarm of political decision-makers of the member countries of the Alliance is above all related to the new frontiers of conflicts which, among other priorities, sees an emphasis placed on the growing interweaving between the cyber and space dimensions. The European Commission and the High Representative recently adopted a Joint Communication on an enhanced EU maritime security strategy aimed at ensuring peaceful use of the seas and protecting the maritime sector from new threats. They also adopted an updated action plan that will implement the strategy. Up to 99% of global data flows are transmitted through submarine cables, which are also subject to cyber and hybrid attacks. It is mandatory to make the Underwater Domain even more secure from a cybernetic point of view. The maritime safety is of vital importance for the European Union and its Member States and, precisely in this sense, the European Commission and the High Representative Borrell have foreseen an updated action plan which will implement the strategy. .


Hon. Matteo Perego di Cremnago, Under Secretary of Defense


Gen. Giuseppe Morabito, NATO Foundation

Opening by SSSD


Prof. Michele Colajanni, University of Bologna

Assistant Prof. Luca Valcarenghi, Istituto Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa

Dr. Andrea Gilli, Senior Researcher NATO Defence College

Rear Admiral Francesco Procaccini, Chief of the C4S Dept. of the General Staff of the Navy

Dr. Mario Beccia , Deputy NATO Chief information Officer for Cybersecurity, NATO Headquarters

Dr. Pierangela Pitzolu, International Government Business Development Director - Telsy

Dr. Gennaro Faella – SVP Strategic Innovation & Development, Leonardo

10:15: Different paths to decarbonise the ports  ROOM 2

7 June 2023


Offshore energy production

Renewable energy will play a fundamental role in reaching the European goal of being climate-neutral by 2050 – including the generation of more energy at sea and from the sea. Although the deployment of offshore technologies for electricity generation in the Mediterranean Sea has been relatively slow so far, thanks to technological innovation, there is now a big potential for further development in a cost-effective way, both for wind and wave energy power.

Moderator Luigi Severini, President iLStudio Severini


Giuseppe Costanzo, Analyst - Markets & Wind Energy Technology Wind Europe

Lotta Pirttimaa, Senior Policy Officer Ocean Energy Europe

Agnes Agterberg, Economic Affairs Counselor Embassy of the Netherlands in Italy

Vincenzo di Pisa, Director Copenhagen Offshore Partner

Alessandro Migliorini, Country Manager Italy European Energy

The future of onshore power supply

What are the real perspectives and uses of cold ironing in the Italian and European contexts?

Moderator Alexio Picco, managing director Circle Group and EU funding expert


  Fabrizio Maggioni, Sales Manager Mont-Ele

Fabio Brunetti, Project Manager Mont-Ele

Presentation of European Project EALING

11:30: Cold Ironing in National Ports: Check-Up on Programming, Regulation and Implementation ROOM 2

7 June 2023


in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and RAM

Moderator Alexio Picco, managing director Circle Group and EU funding expert


Elisabetta Pellegrini, Coordinator of the Technical Structure of Mission for the strategic direction, the development of infrastructures and the High surveillance of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Transports

Mario Sommariva, President Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority


Cassa Depositi e Prestiti


Hon. Edoardo Rixi, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

11:30: LEVIATAD (COSME/Horizon Programme) ROOM 3

7 June 2023

Ligurian District of Marine Technologies - DLTM

The Project aims at creating the 1st Eurocluster of Excellence on Naval Defense. This will be obtained following an Action Plan on three steps:

1) Obtain a mapping of the Naval & Aero Naval Defence sector value chain post COVID-19 crisis to better understand the European ecosystem’s structure as well as the possible transnational synergies and complementarities. This will allow the Consortium to draw the lessons concerning disruption and dependencies and manage a more efficient industrial strategy (including green and digital transition) to engage better resilience and competitiveness in a long-term European strategic approach.

2) Put in place actions to support SMEs in their up-skilling towards strategic technologies innovations that will be the base of their path towards resilience and autonomy boosting European sovereignty in Defence sector. Support measures will be for example training workshops and vouchers.

3) Go to international is the third step providing for other supporting measures (e.g. workshops, vouchers, studies of international markets) to help SMEs to acquire skills in some third countries markets as well as internationalisation to foster synergies and new business lines towards these non-EU countries. This will foster action plans to enhance the European position in the value chain and engage resilience activities by supporting innovation processes and helping SMEs join forces and better cooperate with major public and private groups including in European and within international markets. These plans would have a strong focus on resilience and European synergies.


Giovanni Caprino


Mr. Stéphane Claisse, Director of the Toulon Var Technologies – System Factory

Value chain mapping of the naval defence and aeronautics sector: a long-term increasing of the resilience and the start-up competitiveness for an European strategic approach

Mrs. Eveline Buych, Innovation Manager of the Blauwe Cluster

Innovation training: supporting SMEs towards better qualification

Mr. Goran Barasac, President of the Croatian Defence Industry Competitiveness Cluster (CDICC)

Financial support to third parties: supporting SMEs towards strategic technological innovation

12:30: Interview : The Strategy for Digital Interoperability and the evolution of the National Logistics Platform ROOM 2

7 June 2023


Hon. Edoardo Rixi, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Ivano Russo, Sole Administrator, RAM

13:00: Lunch Break

7 June 2023

14:00: Ports & energy transition ROOM 2

7 June 2023


The possibility of being defined as “energy communities” has finally been recognized to ports, as a support for their transition to the use of renewable energies to satisfy the typical energy-intensive needs of port areas. Ports, therefore, assume an increasingly central role in the current energy transition process, becoming energy hubs - energy storage and distribution points - and encouraging the consumption of green energy by the entire maritime cluster and inland supply chain. Which will be the next steps of this new path for ports?

Moderator Luca Bergonzoli, Managing Partner Integra Società Benefit


Jean Pierre Lamblin, Founder CO2 Tracker

Lucas Bosser, Director for Transport and Energy, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)

Beladjine Boumedienne, Senior lecturer, university of science and technology, expert in green shipping, ministry of high education, consultant CETIC

Adriana Salazar, Blue Economy Expert, Union for the Mediterranean

Sergio Pedrazzini, Sole Administrator Solar Solutions, Gruppo Fratelli Visconti

Federico Aleotti, Researcher RSE - Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico

14:30: AUTNONAME - “Automation and remote control of the Noname® system” ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

7 June 2023

Limescale and biofilm have always been a problem in all circuits in which water circulates, greatly reducing their flow rates and consequently their efficiency. The concretions themselves form a favorable environment for the proliferation of potentially pathogenic microorganisms for users. In the military, this issue takes on even greater significance and is closely linked to the operation of the maritime military instrument. The problem is amplified when maintenance of the system/equipment has to be carried out resulting in long technical downtime and consequent suspension of service. The timeless and effectiveness of interventions are, therefore, decisive in the overall economy of plant management. The Noname® system, which uses a food-grade purity gas mixture, promises to eliminate calcareous concretions and biofilms, eliminating failure times and ptimizing shipboard systems. The conference will showcase the results of AUTNONAME project experiments conducted at the University of Genoa, the use of the gas mixture, and the remotely developed continous control system.


Professor Agostino G. Bruzzone, Full Professor at DIME, Genoa University, Principal Investigator of AUTNONAME Project – Genoa University

Results of experiments conducted at the University of Genoa on the AUTNONAME system and possible future developments.

Ing. Lucio Piticchio, CEO of Arconhe – Arconhe srl

Noname as innovative solution for solubilize limestone, decrease biofilm ecrustation and block bacterial fermentation.

14:30: Defend, preserve, protect. ROOM 3

7 June 2023

Sea Shepherd Italia Onlus Foundation

Do we want to continue to exploit the sea or do we finally decide to safeguard the sea and ourselves? Everyday Sea Shepherd volunteers goes to the sea to defend its inhabitants and what do we want to do? Looking back in our history there have been tragic pages where people have chosen to become partisans to gain freedom. Today it is up to us to become fighters, partisans to save our species from absurd logics that exploit the planet. So it’s up to us to pick a side. Collaboration between police forces and civil society, the great challenge of the new anti-poaching in the Sea

Chairman Andrea Morello

Speaker Adv. Cesare Colonna (online)

15.40 - 16.00 The Police of the Sea

Brigadier General Maurizio Muscarà

16.00 -16.30

Intervention by the Minister of Civil Protection and Sea Policies, On. Nello Musumeci

14:30: High-Level round table on “One Ocean-One Health: the health of the seas is decided on the mainland Vespucci Tall Ship

7 June 2023

Water Academy Srd Foundation, Sustainable And Responsible Development

Starting from the assumption that the state of health of the Oceans is determined by the decisions that are taken on earth, especially in relation to the fact that, as authoritatively supported by the Scientific Community, we live in an unprecedented era defined “Anthropocene”, a paradigm shift is needed to put the sea at the center of our lives. The relationship between mankind and the sea can be interpreted in all respects as a New Frontier. The seas, even within the specific and dimensional differences that distinguish them, are fundamental elements, for example, in the formation of the climate, and therefore the study of the so-called “Climate-Ocean Nexus”. It is now of fundamental importance to try to understand the variables that characterize the phenomenon of Climate Change.

Chairman Prof. Alessandro Leto


Professor Giuseppe Novelli, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Professor Maurits Van Roojen, Global University System

Dr. Filippo Uberti, ENI SpA

Dr. Monica Spada - ENI SpA

Dr. Simone Fortunato Mortara - ENI SpA

Dr. Helga Maria Piaget - Passion Sea

15:15: Blue Circular Economy ROOM 2

7 June 2023


The “blue economy” is a huge segment of the global economy and we are fully aware of the impact of its activities on both the oceans and the land and, therefore, the importance of making it as sustainable as possible to support the European green transition. In this context, limiting environmental damages is not enough: alongside the effort to reduce emissions, it is necessary to develop circular and regenerative models that enable nature-based solutions with vitality and health for economic systems, generating new business opportunities for all the blue economy players and significantly benefiting marine ecosystems. The session will also focus on the crucial role of ports in reducing marine litter through effective waste management.


Cristian Chiavetta, Industrial researcher on Circular Economy ENEA

Chiara Lombardi, Researcher at the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - ENEA


Alexia Spyridonidou, Business Development Manager of the Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute of the EPLO

David Pellegrini, 1° Scientific Researcher, ISPRA

Matilda Mali, Reseracher PhD Chemistry And Environmental Technology, Polytechnic University of Bari

Simone Pacciardi, Special projects, relations with the EU and market development Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea

Marcello Magaldi, Researcher CNR-ISMAR

Paolo Varrella, President of the “Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati”

Mirvana Feletti, Officer in charge of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Regione Liguria

Claudia Gianstefani, Councillor for the Environment Municipality of Lerici

16:00: Franco Bardelli and Mario Calzeroni. Excellence in science and radar development in Italy ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

7 June 2023

Towards the future without forgetting the past. It will be presented the historical escursus of radar science in Italy, from the post-war period to recent times, through the works of two exceptional protagonists. The Engineer Franco Bardelli, creator of companies such as Selenia Spa and IDS Spa and the Admiral Mario Calzeroni, creator of the SPQ-5 radar, for the discovery of antisom from the surface, as well as the first Italian stone of CORA technology..

Chairman Dario Guerrini, CEO Gueda System


Businessman Dario Guerrini, CEO - Gueda System

Contribution to the Italian industrial growth. Genius of M. Calzeroni, results and memories of those who flanked him

Eng. Giovanni Bardelli, Entrepreneur

The activities and life of Franco Bardelli, Selenia, IDS, Georadar and more

Eng. Vincenzo Arrichiello, Entrepreneur - Leonardo (r)

Carlo Calosi and his role as Mentor for Franco Bardelli and promoter of post-war Italian industry

16:30: Port/city relationship - Sustainable projects  ROOM 2

7 June 2023

Port/city relationship - Sustainable projects 

Every year, hundreds of millions of travelers transit through European ports. Sometimes, friction with the city where ports are located might arise because of the management of a large number of tourists, transportation congestion, and high polluting emissions. Today, thanks to the cooperation between ports, local administrators, and other public-private players such as cruise companies, it is possible to foster a better city-port relationship with projects and initiatives that support an integrated and more sustainable development of the city-port areas in terms of economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects

Moderator Federica Montaresi, Secretary General Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority


Alberto Cappato, General Manager AIVP

Serena Carassale, ESG and Sustainability Specialist Tarros Group

Flora Albano, Office EU Affairs, Project Management and Blended Finance Western Sicilian Sea Port Authority

Daniele Ciulli, General Manager La Spezia and Carrara Cruise Terminal

Giacomo Raul Giampedrone, Councillor for Public Works, Infrastructure and Roads, Water and Waste Cycle, Soil Protection, Environment and Land Protection Liguria Region

16:30: The Italian historical excellences in the field of technological innovation and in the field of electronics are the root of the present and future success ROOM 3

7 June 2023

International Wireless Studies – IWS Group

Chairmen Mr. Elia Cicillini, Dr. Nicola Annedda

The speeches will recall the path of innovations in the field of interest in general and specific focus on telecommunications and cryptography


Prof. Stefano Giordano, Professor – Dept. Engineering of the information - CNIT University of Pisa

From Marconian inventions to 5G

Eng. Davide Adami - UniPi

From early 16th century cryptography to the Cold War

Bruno Grassi, Co-fondatore IWS La Spezia

From Enigma Machine to Public and Private Key

17:30: Green & blue shipyards ROOM 2

7 June 2023


Shipyards can play an important role in the ecological transition of the sector. It is not only about building ships that can use new fuels or green coatings, but also about the sustainable management of the shipyard’s operations, therefore the use of renewable energy and, for example, the attention to the whole waste management cycle.

Moderator TBC


Ana Casaca, Founder and CEO World of Shipping Portugal - Trainer & Researcher, External Expert European Commissiown World of Shipping Portugal

Mario Gerini, President Confindustria La Spezia

Patrizia Saccone, Councillor for Economic Development, Labour, EU Affairs, University and Research, Miglio Blu Project, Professional Education, Urban and Territorial Planning, Territorial Construction Municipality of La Spezia

Paolo Bertetti, Vice President Technical & R&D Sanlorenzo Yacht

Paolo Misitano, Quality Department Director The Italian Sea Group

Riccardo Papa, Director CISITA

Roberto Guido Sgherri, President Fondazione ITS


20:00: Networking Dinner

7 June 2023

Sponsored by MBDA

8 June 2023(8 events)

9:00: The Westmed Maritime Clusters Alliance ROOM 2

8 June 2023

9.00 -12.30 CONFERENCE ROOM 2

9.00 Registration


Leonardo Manzari, Christain Chiavetta, WestMED Assistance Mechanism – National Hub for Italy

9.30 Welcome greetings

WestMED Initiative - Italian National Coordinators

Daniele Bosio, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Luca Palazzo, Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Cohesion Policies (DPCoe)

9.35 Introduction

Manuel Pleguezuelo, European Commission - DG MARE (online)


Adriana Salazar Olivan, Union for the Mediterranean


Maltese National Coordinator, WestMED Initiative co-Presidency

Shaun Patrick Ebejer, Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects (online)


Main Achievements of the WestMED Maritime Clusters Alliance and its members

EMFAF Calls open to the Southern Shore non-EU countries

Anja Detant, CINEA

Establishment of the Mauritanian Maritime Cluster

Hamadi BABA HAMADI, President Mauritanian Maritime Cluster

MEDBLEUE 2022 Tunis

Emna Sohlobji, Cluster Maritime Tunisien

The Hub Azul Dealroom

Ruben Eiras, Forum Oceano

The position/role of Clusters in the new European Blue Forum

Laurence Martin, Federazione del Mare, ENMC, Thanos Smanis WMAM

Approved projects

ForMare - EMFAF Maritime Clusters – CALLMEBLUE; ERASMUS+ - MARMED

Forum Oceano - COSME Euroclusters – MedBan

CTN BIG – COSME Euroclusters – IKAT

TVT & DLTM - COSME Euroclusters – LEVIATAD

MARE FVG - EMFAF Maritime Clusters – Green Marine MED

Strategis Cluster - ERASMUS+ - MAQUAM

SGD4MED – EMFAF Ports & Maritime Transport – POWER4MED

Federazione del Mare – EMFAF Women in Blue Economy – WINBIG

Pole Mer Méditerranée – COSME Euroclusters – ELBE Alliance (online)

Established cooperation agreements and synergies

Antonio Novo Guerrero, European Clusters Alliance

Axelle Salvage, ENMC

Walter Wassallo, Blue Marina Awards

11.30 Open discussions about further progresses on the main goals of the WM MCA

Thanos Smanis

• 15 mins > Cluster dialogue:

• 15 mins > Cluster up-scale South-South:

• 15 mins > Capacity building North-South:

• 15 mins > Investment attraction

12.30 Conclusion of the event 

Giovanni Caprino, Cluster BIG – Mario Mattioli, Federazione del Mare

9:30: B2B / Pitch session

8 June 2023

10:30: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Maritime & Defense Industry ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

8 June 2023


The next era in the maritime and defense industry will present business and technology challenges that will be radically different from anything seen before. The exponential rate of innovation required to meet these challenges can only be achieved through digital transformation. As the boundaries between industries blur and the cost of failure becomes business-critical, the pace of digital transformation must accelerate. One way to speed this transformation while ensuring an optimized product life cycle is through engineering simulation.

Chairman and Speaker Filippo Gemma, Global Product Sales Manager

13:00: Lunch Break

8 June 2023

14:00: Italian and Portuguese marine and maritime clusters: best practices and experience exchange ROOM 2

8 June 2023

14.00 – 16.30 CONFERENCE ROOM 2

Italian and Portuguese marine and maritime clusters: best practices and experience exchange

Synergies between the Hub Azul Portugal and the Italian clusters

An increasing number of countries have already placed blue economy at the core of their governmental strategies, and the national marine and maritime clusters’ role is becoming increasingly fundamental on various aspects.  The blue economy management differs from country to country from various point of view, including but not limited to: research and innovation, business support through targeted industrial policies and financial support, training at various levels, etc.  During this session many experts coming from National Blue Economy Clusters in Italy and Portugal will share their models and experiences in all relevant aspects, with the aim to highlight differences and facilitate the exchange of best practices.

14.00-14.30 Registration

Moderator Leonardo Manzari, WestMED Assistance Mechanism – National Hub for Italy

14.30-14.45 Welcome & introduction: the blue economy at the core of national strategies and priorities

Daniele Bosio, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, WestMED National Coordinator

14.45-15.15 Forum Oceano: the Portuguese blue economy management model

Ruben Eiras, Secretary General, Forum Oceano

15.15-15.45 Cluster Blue Italian Growth & Federazione del Mare: the Italian blue economy management model

Giovanni Caprino, Chairman, Cluster Blue Italian Growth

Mario Mattioli, Chairman, Federazione del Mare

15.45-16.15 Roundtable

Highlighting differences and mutual inspiration between Italian and Portuguese management models

Gonçalo Faria, Hub Azul Portugal

Rita Sousa, FABER - Portugal Blue private operator (online)

Fabio Fava, EU MISSION “Restore our Ocean and Waters” - Lighthouse for the Mediterranean (online)

Alessandro Iafrati, CNR Institute of Marine Engineering, Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership

16:15-16:30 Closing

Marisa Silva, Director General of Maritime Policy, Ministry of Economy and Sea, Portugal (online)

Luca Salamone, Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Minister of Civil Protection and Sea Policies

14:30: B2B / Pitch session

8 June 2023

16:00: Geopolitics, conflicts and correct information ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

8 June 2023


The upheavals that Europe is going through pose questions that are difficult to interpret. International scenarios are crucial and will have long-term repercussions on the lives of all of us. Reporting effectively and correctly on major geopolitical issues is not easy. It is necessary to be able to assess the correctness of sources, maintain independence of judgement and at the same time keep the public’s attention high without giving in to the spectacular.

Opening remarks

Cristiana Pagni, CEO Italian Blue Growth

Rear Adm. Antonello de Renzis Sonnino, Head of Public Information and Communication Office of the Italian Navy

Chairman Paola Spadari


Dialogue between Carlo Bartoli, National President of the Order of Journalists, and Carmen Lasorella, journalist.

16:30: SEAFUTURE AWARDS & CLOSING CEREMONY ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

8 June 2023

Awarding of the 7 Thesis finalists and the Thesis finalists of the Higher Secondary Institutes of the Liguria Region

9 June 2023
10 June 2023(1 event)

TBD: 5 Terre National Park Regatta

10 June 2023

Inclusive sailing race

11 June 2023(1 event)

TBD: Pre-Palio Regatta

11 June 2023

Traditional Boat Race

Pitch Area Programme

Week of Jun 5th

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5 June 2023(4 events)


5 June 2023

Pitch Session

PREINVEL s.r.l. - startup 

Fluid-dynamic filtration technology is a brand new technology for the demolition of dust and pollutants from urban marine and/or industrial activities. It is a very low-cost technology with very high performance.


Angelo di Noi, CEO – PREINVEL S.R.L.


11:30: XUNORD – startup Pitch Area

5 June 2023

Pitch Session

Oceandrone is an uncrewed, autonomous eco-robotic wind, solar and fuel cell powered sailing craft, designed to operate in extreme weather conditions with an autonomy of several months.


Mr. Stefano Malagodi, Director – Xunord

Mr. Ali Wahoud, Project Manager – Xunord

Mr. Gabriele Nardi, CFO – Innovo

14:30: MetHydor – startup Pitch Area

5 June 2023

Pitch Session

In a time when climate change poses a serious threat, clean solutions for transports and human settlements have a pivotal role in sustainability. For example, maritime transport alone emits around 940 million tons of CO2 annually and is responsible for about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (3rd IMO GHG study). Therefore, zero emission vessels are needed to decarbonize the sector by 2030. Solid state hydrogen storage offers safety and cost advantages for the maritime and stationary applications, allowing the development of a hydrogen economy: together with electrolysers and fuel cells, storage systems are required to accelerate the transition to renewable energies. MetHydor provides reliable hydrogen storage systems based on metal hydrides, the design, customization and the integration thereof.


Eng. PhD Thomas Lamberti, CEO – Methydor

Metal Hydride hydrogen storage

Eng. PhD Davide Violi, Chief Technical Eng. - Methydor

Metal Hydride hydrogen storage

16:00: BOATMATE – startup  Pitch Area

5 June 2023

Boatmate is a revolutionary global technology platform dedicated to digitizing the recreational boating industry. Our mission is to create a cutting-edge, intelligent, and data-driven platform that transforms the industry landscape. In this abstract, we present Boatmate’s comprehensive technologies developed to empower marine businesses and enhance the boating experience for boaters worldwide.Our turn-key e-commerce and payment solutions offer marine businesses the opportunity to seamlessly digitize their operations, streamlining processes and providing a more efficient and convenient experience for their customers. Through our platform, businesses can start digitizing their sales operations at no cost and leverage the power of online transactions. This enables them to provide a better and up-to-date digitized customer experience for their clients and expand their customer base through our integrated marketplace.Boatmate’s platform not only facilitates e-commerce infrastructure and secure, hassle-free transactions but also empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions. By harnessing the wealth of information generated by our platform, marine businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and performance metrics. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to refine their strategies, personalize their offerings, and maximize customer satisfaction.


Mr. Murat Ghuran, Co-founder&CEO – Boatmate

Empowering the Recreational Boating Industry through Digital Transformation

6 June 2023(2 events)


6 June 2023

Some facts about the enterprise system from the Confartigianato Meccanica 2023 report

The report presents the collected statistical data showing the key figures of mechanics and evidence of Italy’s European leadership in terms of number of employees in MPI.


Dr. Enrico Quintavalle, Director Ufficio Studi – Confartigianato

Mechanics, Enterprises, Employees, Crafts, MPI, labour

14:30: Underwater and technology as a business sector Pitch Area

6 June 2023

CNA La Spezia

Focus on the underwater and applied technology as a research opportunity and business sector.

Chairman Journalist Emanuela Cavallo


Dr. Fabio Faralli, Contrammiraglio Medico (ris.) - Italian Navy

Health and Safety

Dr. Alessandro Battaglia, National Head of CNA Nautica

Nautical and Production

Dr. Giovanni Indiveri, Professor at the University of Genoa

Technology and Robotics

7 June 2023(6 events)

9:00: TESEO MK2/E programme: status and evolutions Pitch Area

7 June 2023


The Teseo Mk2/E has been defined and designed thanks to an intense collaboration between the Italian Navy and MBDA, which will be together to illustrate the status of the programme for this brand new system, which MBDA will supply to the Italian Military Navy.  This new generation system, which builds on the legacy Teseo family, known worldwide as OTOMAT, will bring a substantial improvement in anti-ship capabilities.

10:30: Introducing Scia Pitch Area

7 June 2023

Pitch Session

Scia – startup

SCIA is a software for on board maintenance and it’s the result of an enhancing project that involved ship owners, crew, builders and project managers, aimed to simplify the complex management of naval units. SCIA works with shipyards and service partners in the nautical and naval industry to provide a comprehensive package of coordinated services that follow 4 key aspects of a vessel’s life-cycle. Owner’s manuals are compiled during the design-to-construction phase, Training takes place during the hand-over of the ship, ILS defines the vessel’s maintenance plan following the warranty period and a custom CMMS App allows owner’s to supervise maintenance activities and optimize their vessel’s performance.


Mr. Matteo De Angelis, CEO – Scia srl

Scia maintenance software

Mr. Tomaso Aroldi, CTO – Scia srl

Ship manuals - Training – ILS

12:00: The aid of Artificial Intelligence in management and performance evolutions of strategic infrastructure Pitch Area

7 June 2023

Pitch Session

MYWAI – startup

How can the latest generation technologies come to help in controlling and managing a process, or an asset in the industrial, transportation , integrated logistics sectors? MYWAI has a highly innovative answer with use cases implemented in partnership with major international players.


Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO – MYWAI

Advanced technologies applied to industrial, transportation and logistics sectors.

14:30: Project “UNDROID”, co-financed by the European Union under the POR-FESR Liguria 2014-2020 “Research and Innovation” call - Action 1.2.4. 2020 Pitch Area

7 June 2023

Organizer: PhD Andrea Caffaz, Graal Tech s.r.l.

Compact electric robotic arm for small commercial ROVs controlled by console wearable on small boats.

Chairman Andrea Dellacasa, Drafinsub s.r.l.


Dr. Andrea Dellacasa, Lead Partner of the project – DRAFINSUB s.r.l.

Need for use and problems addressed

PhD Michal Jilich, Co-Proponent of the project – GRAAL TECH s.r.l.

Compact electric robotic arm

Fabrizio Sciarra, Co-Proponent of the project – BK s.r.l.

Augmented Reality wearable ground-station

15:10: Project “DIP-WORKING”, co-financed by the European Union under the POR-FESR Liguria 2014-2020 “Research and Innovation” call, Action 1.2.4. 2020 Pitch Area

7 June 2023

Organizer: PhD Andrea Caffaz, Graal Tech s.r.l.

Virtual training system for diving operators in a safe and controlled environment, very realistic from a perceptual point of view

Chairman Andrea Dellacasa, Drafinsub s.r.l.


Dr. Francesco Lupi, Lead Partner of the Project – BK s.r.l.

Virtual Trainer: 3D Virtual Operating Environment and Serious Game

PhD Andrea Ravaschio, Co-Proponent of the project – GPEM s.r.l.

Motion-capture system: virtual-walking, virtual-finning

PhD Marco Gambetta, Co-Proponent of the project – GRAAL TECH s.r.l.

Controlled harness system, diving helmet with VR adaptation

16:00: Scientific progress and the development of a community depend greatly on the balances created between research, politics and the industrial system. Exploring these complex dynamics is not easy, but it is essential. Different interests and different langua Pitch Area

7 June 2023


Scientific progress and the development of a community depend greatly on the balances created between research, politics and the industrial system. Exploring these complex dynamics is not easy, but it is essential. Different interests and different languages require careful analysis by those who are called upon to inform the community.

Introduction Journalist Silvia Baglioni

Chairman Federico Pedrocchi, Radio 24


Margherita Fronte, Journalist and Editor of Focus

Marco Bianucci, CNR-ISMAR physicist, University lecturer and science communication expert;

Alessandro Damiani, President of the European Research Promotion Agency

8 June 2023(3 events)

9:00: Pathmaster: proven Conventional, Hybrid and uncrewed Naval Mine Warfare capability Pitch Area

8 June 2023


Thales Pathmaster is a suite of tested and qualified,  interchangeable and interoperable sub systems, sensors and software that combine to bring operational advantage to navies completing all mine warfare missions. The briefing will Focus on the core software of its Mission Management System (MMS) which is enabled by M-Cube and Mine Intelligence Mapping Mi-Map. M-Cube provides complete mission cycle Planning including concept and Evaluation functionality, compliant with NATO NMW standards and doctrine.  MiMap provides Artificial Intelligence enabled sonar analysis for multiple types of sonar, with an intuitive and operator developed user interface. The Thales MMS is open architecture by design; enabling low risk integration of sovereign, domestic and third party applications, sensors, Uncrewed platforms and adjacent MCM capabilities such as sweep. It can be delivered and integrated as a stand-alone system, portable, containerised or complementing a host ship’s Combat Management System (CMS). Thales is developing and delivering the world’s best capabilities for the Mine Warfare community ensuring the navies of the world using Thales equipment maintain the tactical advantage over current and emerging threats.


Mr James Dickie, Product Line Architect - Mine Warfare - Thales

11:00: Artificial Intelligence for aquatic sensing Pitch Area

8 June 2023

Pitch Session

Mathclick SRL - startup

Artificial Intelligence can be used effectively to clean up data streams coming from sensors deployed on remote sensing platforms in remote locations, and to enhance remote sensors.

Chairman Michele Grassi


Dr. Michele Grassi, CEO-CTO – Mathclick srl

“AI enhanced data streams and remote sensors”

Dr. Alessandra Licciardello, COO – Mathclick srl

“Smart remote sensing platforms”

12:00: Jelter Pitch Area

8 June 2023

Pitch Session

Jelter - startup

Founders: Rebecca Raho, Caterina Favella and Emanuela Tarasco

Our Jelter project is based on a system designed to clean the seas of microplastics, autonomously and easily. By adopting our Jelters, jellyfish buoys, our users will be able to place them in the sea through our location and start taking care of them. An engaging way to experience a new sustainability!

Chairmen Caterina Favella – Rebecca Raho

9 June 2023
10 June 2023
11 June 2023