AUTNONAME - “Automation and remote control of the Noname® system” ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

7 June 2023

Limescale and biofilm have always been a problem in all circuits in which water circulates, greatly reducing their flow rates and consequently their efficiency. The concretions themselves form a favorable environment for the proliferation of potentially pathogenic microorganisms for users. In the military, this issue takes on even greater significance and is closely linked to the operation of the maritime military instrument. The problem is amplified when maintenance of the system/equipment has to be carried out resulting in long technical downtime and consequent suspension of service. The timeless and effectiveness of interventions are, therefore, decisive in the overall economy of plant management. The Noname® system, which uses a food-grade purity gas mixture, promises to eliminate calcareous concretions and biofilms, eliminating failure times and ptimizing shipboard systems. The conference will showcase the results of AUTNONAME project experiments conducted at the University of Genoa, the use of the gas mixture, and the remotely developed continous control system.


Professor Agostino G. Bruzzone, Full Professor at DIME, Genoa University, Principal Investigator of AUTNONAME Project – Genoa University

Results of experiments conducted at the University of Genoa on the AUTNONAME system and possible future developments.

Ing. Lucio Piticchio, CEO of Arconhe – Arconhe srl

Noname as innovative solution for solubilize limestone, decrease biofilm ecrustation and block bacterial fermentation.

ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

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