Blue Circular Economy ROOM 2

7 June 2023


The “blue economy” is a huge segment of the global economy and we are fully aware of the impact of its activities on both the oceans and the land and, therefore, the importance of making it as sustainable as possible to support the European green transition. In this context, limiting environmental damages is not enough: alongside the effort to reduce emissions, it is necessary to develop circular and regenerative models that enable nature-based solutions with vitality and health for economic systems, generating new business opportunities for all the blue economy players and significantly benefiting marine ecosystems. The session will also focus on the crucial role of ports in reducing marine litter through effective waste management.


Cristian Chiavetta, Industrial researcher on Circular Economy ENEA

Chiara Lombardi, Researcher at the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services - ENEA


Alexia Spyridonidou, Business Development Manager of the Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute of the EPLO

David Pellegrini, 1° Scientific Researcher, ISPRA

Matilda Mali, Reseracher PhD Chemistry And Environmental Technology, Polytechnic University of Bari

Simone Pacciardi, Special projects, relations with the EU and market development Port Authority of the Eastern Ligurian Sea

Marcello Magaldi, Researcher CNR-ISMAR

Paolo Varrella, President of the “Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati”

Mirvana Feletti, Officer in charge of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Regione Liguria

Claudia Gianstefani, Councillor for the Environment Municipality of Lerici

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