Centro Operativo Sicurezza Cibernetica - Polizia Postale Genova

6 June 2023


Critical Infrastructure: Security & Privacy Challenges: The slides illustrate the composition of the Italian Cybersecurity, and the role of new Regional Cyber ​​Security Operations Centers within the new Central Scientific and Cybersecurity Department. The work of the Cyber ​​Policeman, the training challenges and future prospects of the SINC3 platform, its functions and its main architecture’s features.

Anatomy of a cyber attack: We will analyze a malware attack through a phishing email and talk about Protection and training tools, the keys to success in cybersecurity.

Financial crimes: In addition to cyber attacks that impact the security of data, there are attacks aimed at defrauding companies with very sophisticated mechanisms that can reduce their financial solidity. “Business Email Compromised” attacks are the most dangerous because they take advantage of social engineering techniques. The main protection tool is the awareness.

Digital Forensic and Artificial Intelligence: What is Digital Forensic and what it means to recover digital data of any kind in order to detect digital computer evidence useful for investigative activity.

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