Different paths to decarbonise the shipping industry ROOM 2

7 June 2023


Time flies, they say, and the goal of a 90% reduction in transport emissions by 2050 seems hard to meet at this point. Hydrogen and ammonia are the most discussed “new” fuels for ships when the discussion comes to shipping decarbonization, but they’re not the only free-emissions possible propulsions: within the session, we will also discuss opportunities and challenges - tech and business-wise - of wind propulsion.

Moderator Giovanni Satta, Associate Professor Department of Economics and Business Studies University of Genoa


Katalin Dobranszky, Senior Director Innovation, Finance & Fiscal Affairs – ECSA

Darko Levicar, Director Transport Policy Hydrogen Europe

Cristina Maggi, Director H2IT

Mario Mattioli, President, Confitarma

Ignazio Messina, Ports and Infrastructure Committee Delegate Assarmatori

Orestis Schinas, Delegate International Windship Association


Sergio Torriani, Founder and CEO Simplifhy

Filippo Lossani, Director della BU Marine ECOSPRAY

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