Emerging and Disruptive Technologies in the Maritime Domain ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

6 June 2023

Secretariat General of Defense and National Armaments Directorate

The workshop will try to provide audience with a close look at technological trends and EDTs in the maritime domain by leveraging on a wider prospective based on different major stakeholders operating in the academia, institution, military and industry. Complexity, challenges and opportunities that shall be understood and properly governed by the civilian and military sectors in order to maintain the strategic technological edge. The workshop will also inform on EU institutional support to innovation and EU efforts to intercept and deliver new effective EDT based capabilities at the required speed of relevance.

Chairman RDML Pietro Alighieri,  Senior Advisor to the Italian Secretary General of Defense and National Armaments Director


Ms. Paola Gualeni, Professor – University of Genoa

Emerging Disruptive Technologies and technological trends in the Maritime domain - Academia prospective

RADM. Marco Tomassetti, Head 7th Dept, Italian Navy General Staff

Future capabilities deriving from the introduction of EDTs in the Maritime domain – Military priorities and prospective

Ms. Chiara Petrioli, CEO – Wsense

Challenges, criticalities and opportunities of EDT – Industry prospective

Mr. Dirk Peters, Senior Expert EC – DG Defis

EU support initiatives for innovation and EDT – Institutional prospective

Ms. Federica Valente, RTI Coordinator/HEDI manager – EDA

Tools to intercept trends and EDTs and mechanisms to deliver EDT developed capabilities at a speed of relevance – EDA prospective

ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

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