Franco Bardelli and Mario Calzeroni. Excellence in science and radar development in Italy ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

7 June 2023

Towards the future without forgetting the past. It will be presented the historical escursus of radar science in Italy, from the post-war period to recent times, through the works of two exceptional protagonists. The Engineer Franco Bardelli, creator of companies such as Selenia Spa and IDS Spa and the Admiral Mario Calzeroni, creator of the SPQ-5 radar, for the discovery of antisom from the surface, as well as the first Italian stone of CORA technology..

Chairman Dario Guerrini, CEO Gueda System


Businessman Dario Guerrini, CEO - Gueda System

Contribution to the Italian industrial growth. Genius of M. Calzeroni, results and memories of those who flanked him

Eng. Giovanni Bardelli, Entrepreneur

The activities and life of Franco Bardelli, Selenia, IDS, Georadar and more

Eng. Vincenzo Arrichiello, Entrepreneur - Leonardo (r)

Carlo Calosi and his role as Mentor for Franco Bardelli and promoter of post-war Italian industry

ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

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