Geopolitics, conflicts and correct information ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

8 June 2023


The upheavals that Europe is going through pose questions that are difficult to interpret. International scenarios are crucial and will have long-term repercussions on the lives of all of us. Reporting effectively and correctly on major geopolitical issues is not easy. It is necessary to be able to assess the correctness of sources, maintain independence of judgement and at the same time keep the public’s attention high without giving in to the spectacular.

Opening remarks

Cristiana Pagni, CEO Italian Blue Growth

Rear Adm. Antonello de Renzis Sonnino, Head of Public Information and Communication Office of the Italian Navy

Chairman Paola Spadari


Dialogue between Carlo Bartoli, National President of the Order of Journalists, and Carmen Lasorella, journalist.

ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

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