Green & blue shipyards ROOM 2

7 June 2023


Shipyards can play an important role in the ecological transition of the sector. It is not only about building ships that can use new fuels or green coatings, but also about the sustainable management of the shipyard’s operations, therefore the use of renewable energy and, for example, the attention to the whole waste management cycle.

Moderator TBC


Ana Casaca, Founder and CEO World of Shipping Portugal - Trainer & Researcher, External Expert European Commissiown World of Shipping Portugal

Mario Gerini, President Confindustria La Spezia

Patrizia Saccone, Councillor for Economic Development, Labour, EU Affairs, University and Research, Miglio Blu Project, Professional Education, Urban and Territorial Planning, Territorial Construction Municipality of La Spezia

Paolo Bertetti, Vice President Technical & R&D Sanlorenzo Yacht

Paolo Misitano, Quality Department Director The Italian Sea Group

Riccardo Papa, Director CISITA

Roberto Guido Sgherri, President Fondazione ITS


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