High-Level round table on “One Ocean-One Health: the health of the seas is decided on the mainland Vespucci Tall Ship

7 June 2023

Water Academy Srd Foundation, Sustainable And Responsible Development

Starting from the assumption that the state of health of the Oceans is determined by the decisions that are taken on earth, especially in relation to the fact that, as authoritatively supported by the Scientific Community, we live in an unprecedented era defined “Anthropocene”, a paradigm shift is needed to put the sea at the center of our lives. The relationship between mankind and the sea can be interpreted in all respects as a New Frontier. The seas, even within the specific and dimensional differences that distinguish them, are fundamental elements, for example, in the formation of the climate, and therefore the study of the so-called “Climate-Ocean Nexus”. It is now of fundamental importance to try to understand the variables that characterize the phenomenon of Climate Change.

Chairman Prof. Alessandro Leto


Professor Giuseppe Novelli, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Professor Maurits Van Roojen, Global University System

Dr. Filippo Uberti, ENI SpA

Dr. Monica Spada - ENI SpA

Dr. Simone Fortunato Mortara - ENI SpA

Dr. Helga Maria Piaget - Passion Sea

Vespucci Tall Ship

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