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7 June 2023

Pitch Session

Scia – startup

SCIA is a software for on board maintenance and it’s the result of an enhancing project that involved ship owners, crew, builders and project managers, aimed to simplify the complex management of naval units. SCIA works with shipyards and service partners in the nautical and naval industry to provide a comprehensive package of coordinated services that follow 4 key aspects of a vessel’s life-cycle. Owner’s manuals are compiled during the design-to-construction phase, Training takes place during the hand-over of the ship, ILS defines the vessel’s maintenance plan following the warranty period and a custom CMMS App allows owner’s to supervise maintenance activities and optimize their vessel’s performance.


Mr. Matteo De Angelis, CEO – Scia srl

Scia maintenance software

Mr. Tomaso Aroldi, CTO – Scia srl

Ship manuals - Training – ILS

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