La Spezia and Toulon cities linked to (and from) the sea ROOM 2

5 June 2023

Dante Alighieri La Spezia and Dante Alighieri Toulon companies

Chairman Maurizio Caporuscio - Magistrate, Vice President of the Dante Alighieri Company

The meeting will start from the few, but evident, aspects of the proximity of the two countries from the cultural point of view, so to examine more closely the theme of the sea in the French literature of the nineteenth century.


Dr. Carlo Raggi - President - Dante Alighieri La Spezia Company

Italy and France. Brief notes on a consolidated cultural bond

Prof. Margherita Vannini Barradon - Vice President - Dante Alighieri Toulon Company

The sea into the French literature dring Michel Pacha’s time

Prof. Chiara Serreli -  Councillor - Dante Alighieri La Spezia Company

Lecture of Giovanni Pascoli’s poem “A Victor Hugo”

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