LEVIATAD (COSME/Horizon Programme) ROOM 3

7 June 2023

Ligurian District of Marine Technologies - DLTM

The Project aims at creating the 1st Eurocluster of Excellence on Naval Defense. This will be obtained following an Action Plan on three steps:

1) Obtain a mapping of the Naval & Aero Naval Defence sector value chain post COVID-19 crisis to better understand the European ecosystem’s structure as well as the possible transnational synergies and complementarities. This will allow the Consortium to draw the lessons concerning disruption and dependencies and manage a more efficient industrial strategy (including green and digital transition) to engage better resilience and competitiveness in a long-term European strategic approach.

2) Put in place actions to support SMEs in their up-skilling towards strategic technologies innovations that will be the base of their path towards resilience and autonomy boosting European sovereignty in Defence sector. Support measures will be for example training workshops and vouchers.

3) Go to international is the third step providing for other supporting measures (e.g. workshops, vouchers, studies of international markets) to help SMEs to acquire skills in some third countries markets as well as internationalisation to foster synergies and new business lines towards these non-EU countries. This will foster action plans to enhance the European position in the value chain and engage resilience activities by supporting innovation processes and helping SMEs join forces and better cooperate with major public and private groups including in European and within international markets. These plans would have a strong focus on resilience and European synergies.


Giovanni Caprino


Mr. Stéphane Claisse, Director of the Toulon Var Technologies – System Factory

Value chain mapping of the naval defence and aeronautics sector: a long-term increasing of the resilience and the start-up competitiveness for an European strategic approach

Mrs. Eveline Buych, Innovation Manager of the Blauwe Cluster

Innovation training: supporting SMEs towards better qualification

Mr. Goran Barasac, President of the Croatian Defence Industry Competitiveness Cluster (CDICC)

Financial support to third parties: supporting SMEs towards strategic technological innovation

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