Ports & energy transition ROOM 2

7 June 2023


The possibility of being defined as “energy communities” has finally been recognized to ports, as a support for their transition to the use of renewable energies to satisfy the typical energy-intensive needs of port areas. Ports, therefore, assume an increasingly central role in the current energy transition process, becoming energy hubs - energy storage and distribution points - and encouraging the consumption of green energy by the entire maritime cluster and inland supply chain. Which will be the next steps of this new path for ports?

Moderator Luca Bergonzoli, Managing Partner Integra Società Benefit


Jean Pierre Lamblin, Founder CO2 Tracker

Lucas Bosser, Director for Transport and Energy, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)

Beladjine Boumedienne, Senior lecturer, university of science and technology, expert in green shipping, ministry of high education, consultant CETIC

Adriana Salazar, Blue Economy Expert, Union for the Mediterranean

Sergio Pedrazzini, Sole Administrator Solar Solutions, Gruppo Fratelli Visconti

Federico Aleotti, Researcher RSE - Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico

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