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7 June 2023

After last year’s NATO Summit in June, marked by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, in the document known as the Strategic Concept - an act that ratifies NATO’s new posture with respect to future threats - we understand how the alarm of political decision-makers of the member countries of the Alliance is above all related to the new frontiers of conflicts which, among other priorities, sees an emphasis placed on the growing interweaving between the cyber and space dimensions. The European Commission and the High Representative recently adopted a Joint Communication on an enhanced EU maritime security strategy aimed at ensuring peaceful use of the seas and protecting the maritime sector from new threats. They also adopted an updated action plan that will implement the strategy. Up to 99% of global data flows are transmitted through submarine cables, which are also subject to cyber and hybrid attacks. It is mandatory to make the Underwater Domain even more secure from a cybernetic point of view. The maritime safety is of vital importance for the European Union and its Member States and, precisely in this sense, the European Commission and the High Representative Borrell have foreseen an updated action plan which will implement the strategy. .


Hon. Matteo Perego di Cremnago, Under Secretary of Defense


Gen. Giuseppe Morabito, NATO Foundation

Opening by SSSD


Prof. Michele Colajanni, University of Bologna

Assistant Prof. Luca Valcarenghi, Istituto Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa

Dr. Andrea Gilli, Senior Researcher NATO Defence College

Rear Admiral Francesco Procaccini, Chief of the C4S Dept. of the General Staff of the Navy

Dr. Mario Beccia , Deputy NATO Chief information Officer for Cybersecurity, NATO Headquarters

Dr. Pierangela Pitzolu, International Government Business Development Director - Telsy

Dr. Gennaro Faella – SVP Strategic Innovation & Development, Leonardo

ROOM 1 - Sponsored by Elettronica

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